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Android Download 01.01.1970

I have noticed that there is a difference between the options available for a file accessed in this way and those available for the same file when accessed the "normal" way, by the mtp:// path (clicking "mtp" or the device name/numbers on the left panel): when accessed by /run/user/.../gvfs the file has in context menu ("Open with") all the expected options; these options are limited (reduced to default/vanilla ones) when the file is accessed by mtp://. Also, some programs (e.g. MKVToolNix) cannot access a file by the mtp:// path, but they can by the other one. This aspect may become important is some scenarios, like for example when one needs to create/download a file on the phone, process it through a computer program (e.g. MKVToolNix) and output it on an external device.

android download 01.01.1970

I have downloaded a number of podcast episodes. However, these episodes don't show up when Spotify is in offline mode. I am therefore unable to listen to podcasts in offline mode - which was one reason I upgraded to Premium. Downloaded playlists work in offline mode. It seems the issue is limited to downloaded podcast episodes.

I have podcasts downloaded for my commute. I'm offline while on the train. However I can't access my downloads. It takes up to two minutes to load them. Sometimes they never show up at all. I tried disabling battery optimization, set Spotify to offline mode and clearing cache. Nothing of that worked.

On another note, are you able to redownload the episodes to see if the issue persist?It would also be great if you can provide us a screenshot or a screen recording to see if the issue persist.

No they are downloaded. It's just I cannot get to the podcast page to access the downloaded podcasts I cant even get to them via the library or my episodes playlist. It just spins and says you are offline. Once I get online the page loads just fine. After a few hours offline, under the library all podcast images just disappears and displays a date in 1970. I wish I had a screenshot. Once clicked just spins and never loads.

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