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Isaiah Bell
Isaiah Bell

Baixar Job Simulator PC Game 2016 [REPACK]

Job Simulator was the first game announced for the SteamVR device.[2] The game was also included with the HTC Vive at its launch on April 5, 2016.[1][3] The developers later lowered the game's price in response to customer reviews.[4] The developers created a "smaller human mode" for players who could not reach objects placed higher in the virtual reality environment.[5] The game uses the Unity game engine.[6]

Baixar Job Simulator PC Game 2016


Owlchemy Labs announced that Job Simulator had sold "over 1 million units" and had officially gone platinum. In their press release, Owlchemy Labs claimed that they were the second "made for VR" title to achieve this milestone. Job Simulator debuted in the top 10 PSVR games during its launch in October 2016 and still was as of the press release in January 2020. It was also the #1 PSVR game for 2017 through 2019.[17] 041b061a72


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