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Despite these spy activities, she still performed tasks for Vader himself. Around 1.5 ABY, Jade was responsible for uncovering information about Rebel Alliance droids, C-3PO and R2-D2, for Vader, though Vader was either unwilling or unable to collect the information from her himself. Instead, he sent a spacer who had been doing work for the Empire to pick up the information from Jade on Naboo before returning it to him for a reward of 2,100.[23] Later that year, she participated in the celebration of Empire Day on Naboo. During the festivities, she tasked a group of Imperial operatives to rescue six Imperial officers from a prison facility inside the hidden Rebel base on the planet Corellia. The Imperial agents did so successfully, and were awarded the Imperial Badge of Meritorious Service for this accomplishment.[24]

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Jade had also investigated Moff Glovstoak, posing as "Countess Claria" and discovered that he had been skimming the top off tax returns to the Imperial Center. Faking intoxication, she retired to a private room during a formal party Glovstoak was throwing, only to leave an inflatable dummy behind and, having exchanged her formal wear for a combat suit, quickly infiltrated his office and found six stolen paintings worth millions of credits in his palace. Jade returned to Imperial Center and reported her findings to Palpatine, but also saved General Deerian, whom she believed to be honest, from the fallout of Glovstoak's destruction.[17]

Jade quickly escaped while being taken for interrogation and met up with LaRone after knocking out her captors. Jade then carved a hole into the ceiling and escaped into an abandoned wing of the palace, seeking a way to approach Ferrouz. Having confirmed her suspicions of his treason, she managed to sneak into his office, following a Rebel Alliance ambassador named Vestin Axlon. Ferrouz confessed his treason, but informed Jade that he'd only done so on instructions from the people who had kidnapped his wife and young daughter under the instructions of a powerful local warlord, Nuso Esva. Feeling some sympathy for the man, Jade forestalled his execution to help retrieve his family and deal with Esva first.[14]

Before she could learn too much more, the governor's office was attacked by infiltrators in the employ of Esva while his other henchmen stirred up a riot at the gate to distract the guards. Jade held them off as best as she could, finally dealing with the attackers when LaRone and Marcross ambushed them from behind. Jade then pulled Axlon and Ferrouz into the governor's private exit along with LaRone and Marcross, escaping the palace through the exit and storm drains. Calling in the rest of the Hand of Judgment, they secured a tapcafe as a hideout until Jade could rescue Ferrouz's family. Jade revealed that the governor had been under duress to Axlon, who had been hoping to broken an alliance between the Rebellion and the Candoras Sector. She also told Axlon that in exchange for a truce while they fought off Esva's forces, she would give the Rebel forces in the Poln system two days to leave. Based on information given to her by Ferrouz, Jade then deduced that a security officer named Pakrie, one of her captors from earlier, was in the employ of Esva. She also learned that Esva had a significant space force, armed partially with weapons stolen from the Empire by Pakrie.[14]

Jade then returned to the palace to find Pakrie. While she was gone, LaRone and the Hand of Judgment were attacked by Axlon, who had also been courting Esva's favor and hoped that arranging the governor's death would ingratiate the warlord to the Rebellion. The Hand of Judgment eliminated Axlon and informed her of his treason. Jade suspected that the kidnappers had used the safe room built into the governor's private exit and investigated it. She had one of the governor's security officers bait Pakrie into the safe room by claiming the governor was there. She kidnapped him, but was attacked by eight alien assassins before she could extract information from him. Jade slew them all but Pakrie escaped in the confusion. However, LaRone had a contact who provided her with intelligence of the location where the family was held. Jade located a secret passageway that led there and followed it to an underground area that was heavily guarded. Having learned this, Ferrouz then called Pakrie and informed the duplicitous officer of his location to draw off some of the guards. The ruse was successful, giving Jade an opening.[14]

Jade arrived on the planet Svivren, where she began laying the groundwork for her new mission. She reconnoitered the crime lord's base, but realized that she would need a distraction to allow her to sneak in unnoticed. She went to the local Imperial garrison commander, General Touno, and requested two squads of stormtroopers and an officer. The officer assigned to her was Captain Strok, and together, he and Jade planned a raid on the building next to Dequc's, but Strok was unaware that the raid was a distraction planned by Jade. The following day, however, saw the raid utterly fail and the majority of the Imperials killed. Jade, though, was still able to use the distraction provided by the firefight to sneak in and assassinate a Jeodu she believed to be Dequc.[15]

She learned that he was actually a Black Nebula agent who had been inserted into the Imperial officer corps to feed Dequc information. Jade was furious about the discovery of an Imperial traitor, but decided to deal with him later. However, she again ran into him in the base's barracks, and when he realized who she was, Jade was forced to kill him to keep her secret safe. His death, though, was soon discovered by Black Nebula and she was forced onto the offensive. Jade eventually managed to make her way to Dequc's safe house, deep within the Bubble Cliffs. Once there, she used her lightsaber and a small explosive to kill Dequc and his guards; she was then able to escape through one of Dequc's secret passageways. Once she had successfully withdrawn, Jade stole a private yacht of Dequc's, one which was filled with all of his private information regarding the inner workings of Black Nebula, and left it at an Imperial spaceport where it could be discovered by the authorities.[15]

Realizing that they needed more information, Jade went down to talk to the inhabitants of the fortress, where she encountered a group of ysalamiri and the leaders of the fortress, Voss Parck and Soontir Fel. Parck gave her the true story of Thrawn's mission and history, while trying to recruit her into the Empire of the Hand. He also informed her of numerous threats in the Unknown Regions, which the Empire of the Hand was supposed to guard against. When she refused and they became aware of Skywalker's presence, they decided to keep the two Jedi prisoner by forcing them into hibernation trances, namely by inflicting non-lethal wounds on Jade. She attempted to avert being shot, but Parck was unconvinced. Fortunately, Skywalker intervened by cutting through the wall. Parck ordered his troops to stand down to prevent unnecessary slaughter, and the two escaped, pursued by Chiss troops once they were clear of the officers. Arriving in the fortress hangar, they disabled the clawcraft there, taking one for their escape.[44]

Husband and wife then journeyed to the provisional capital of Mon Calamari, where Jade Skywalker and Councilor Triebakk convinced Alderaanian senator Cal Omas to run for the position of Chief of State. Throughout his campaign, Jade Skywalker assisted Omas as a private citizen, working to get the pro-Jedi candidate into office. She also helped Skywalker and Omas work out a new plan for the High Council, an advisory council for the Jedi comprising six Jedi and six non-Jedi. Later, she was with Skywalker when Jacen arrived in-system with Vergere after escaping Yuuzhan Vong captivity. Her duties shifted though, when Calrissian and Karrde agreed to help out with Omas's campaign and she began using YVH-M droids to detect Yuuzhan Vong infiltrators who had bribed some people for information, finding pleasure in her work.[7]

Filmed in just 6 weeks with a budget of just $15 million, Colossal received generally positive reviews despite being a flop at the box office. The story follows an unemployed and alcoholic writer named Gloria (Anne Hathaway) who is unintentionally controlling a giant monster halfway across the planet. After seeing news reports of a giant lizard-like monster terrorizing Seoul, South Korea, Gloria discovers the monster is mirroring her movements.

Of course, Bruce Dern rejects his order to destroy the last floral from Earth and teams up with some robots to fight back and save the vegetation from going extinct. The film was one of the first to depict the loneliness of outer space and was directed by Douglass Trumbull, who worked on the special effects for 2001: A Space Odyssey and Blade Runner. Movies from Wall-E to Moon (featured higher up on this list) all took plot elements from Silent Running. Check. It. Out.


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