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Shah Rukh Khan says, We have put the audience in the epicenter of our story. That's something which we rarely see. DEVDAS is a story of love, desire, lust, greed, obsession, and obsession with power.

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As the King of Bollywood romantic films, the character is one of the highlights in SRKs Bollywood career. And due to Devdas Hindi movie, Shah Rukh Khan won the Best Actor at the 48th Filmfare Awards, Star Screen Awards, and International Indian Film Academy Awards.

Vijay was brilliant in his previous movie Mahanat, which featured the debut of his hand-to-hand combat and fighting skills, and he has more importantly shown a capable performance in his current one, carrying out action sequences that are considerably more believable and emotionally compelling than the ones he pulled off in his previous film. His scenes with Khan, one of the classiest and nicest performances in recent memory, are a highlight. It is still remarkable how such a popular and well-regarded actor still has the cinematic potential to surpass himself every time he makes a film. That he still hasn't reached this potential now is quite unfortunate. 

When Devdas starts studying at DAV College, he sees all around him the rich spoilt brat of the zamindar Prajapati (Anil Kapoor). On returning to his village, Devdas meets Chandramukhi (Kajol), a poor, tribal girl who lives a miserable life. He falls in love with her and marries her. His plan backfires when he discovers that she is the daughter of a wealthy landowner, Mugdh (Dharmendra). Devdas becomes one of the powerful and ruthless men of the village and raises suspicion on his step sister-in-law Kumud, the scheming daughter of Prajapati. Even though Devdas eventually marries Paro and they have a son Gopinath, the birth of the child causes ruination to Devdas as Prajapati slaps him and rejects his newborn son. Devdas gets a new start when he meets a beautiful court dancer, Chandramukhi, and they fall in love. Devdas goes to London and wins a scholarship and starts work at the Western University. He gains the love of the quirky Rukmani (Juhi Chawla), who has a close friendship with Paro. Devdas comes back to India and loses his wealth. Chandramukhi and Paro also get together and they announce their wedding. Devdas starts a law practice. Devdas meanwhile thinks Chandramukhi is hiding something and hits her over the head. She loses her child. Devdas finally reveals to Chandramukhi that he is Paro's father and is therefore Kumar's brother-in-law. Devdas is shot but eventually recovers from a gunshot wound.


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