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English 365 level 2 teacher's book 33: Tips and tricks for effective teaching

English 365 level 2 teacher's book 33: A review

If you are teaching English to adult learners who want to improve their skills for work and life, you might be interested in English 365 level 2 teacher's book 33. This book is part of a three-level course that aims to provide a balance between grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and professional communication skills. In this article, we will review what this book offers, what is in it, and how to use it effectively in your classroom.

english 365 level 2 teacher's book 33

What is English 365?

English 365 is a course for adult learners who want to develop their English skills for their work as well as their social and travel needs. It covers a variety of topics that are relevant and stimulating for working adults, such as travel, technology, health, culture, and business. It also provides listening material based on authentic interviews with real working people.

The course consists of three levels: Book 1 for post-elementary to low intermediate level students, Book 2 for low intermediate to intermediate level students, and Book 3 for intermediate to upper intermediate level students. Each book provides at least 60 hours of classroom teaching material, plus extra activities and resources for self-study.

The course aims to help learners achieve the following goals:

  • balance English for work, travel and leisure

  • balance grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and professional communication skills

  • balance the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing

  • have clear and relevant learning aims in every unit

  • motivate themselves to achieve a useful balance between classroom and self-study

  • build speaking skills by activating known language and by learning new language and communication skills

  • recycle and consolidate what they have learned

What is in the teacher's book 33?

The teacher's book 33 corresponds to the unit 33 of the student's book 2. The unit is titled "The world of work" and focuses on the theme of work-life balance. The unit consists of four lessons: Lesson A (Work-life balance), Lesson B (Working hours), Lesson C (Working from home), and Lesson D (Workplace stress). Each lesson provides 90 minutes of classroom teaching material.

The teacher's book 33 provides the following information and guidance for each lesson:

Overview of the unit

This section gives a brief summary of the main topics, language points, skills, and outcomes of the unit. It also provides a list of key vocabulary that students will encounter in the unit.

Learning objectives and outcomes

This section states the specific learning objectives and outcomes for each lesson. It helps teachers to focus on what students should be able to do by the end of each lesson.

Teaching tips and suggestions

This section offers practical tips and suggestions on how to teach each stage of the lesson. It includes advice on how to introduce the topic, how to deal with difficult language, how to manage group work and pair work, how to give feedback, and how to extend the lesson if needed.

Extra activities and resources

This section provides additional activities and resources that teachers can use to supplement the lesson. It includes warm-up activities, games, quizzes, role plays, discussions, and web links. It also provides answers to the exercises in the student's book and the personal study book.

How to use the teacher's book effectively?