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How to Download Simply Simon Aronson PDF for Free: A Guide for Magicians

Simply Simon Aronson PDF Download: The Magic of Simon Aronson

If you are a fan of card magic, you have probably heard of Simon Aronson, one of the most influential and creative card magicians of our time. Simon Aronson has written several books on card magic, but one of his most popular and acclaimed works is Simply Simon, published in 1995.

simply simon aronson pdf download

Simply Simon is a collection of Simon Aronson's best routines, techniques and principles, covering a wide range of themes and effects. Whether you are looking for a stunning prediction, a mind-blowing coincidence, a baffling transformation, or a powerful demonstration of card stacking, you will find it in Simply Simon.

Some of the highlights of Simply Simon include:

  • Point Spread: A red-black game in several phases played by two spectators, where the performer predicts the difference between the number of red and black cards, repeats the feat, and ends with a shuffle-bored finale.

  • This Side Up: A spectator-signed card literally transforms into an instruction card that has been in full sight the entire time.

  • Moves and Removes: A marker moved on a 3x3 layout determines the final card predicted by the performer.

  • Child's Play: A rock-paper-scissors game with small prop versions and three chips, where the outcome is predicted by the performer.

  • Simple Double Duke: A short overhand shuffle leaves the performer with a royal flush.

  • Suit Yourself: One deck mixed face-up/face-down matches the order of a named suit in another deck shuffled twice by the spectator.

And that's not all. Simply Simon also contains a hefty chapter on the memorized deck, including Simon's essay on the Open Index, Past, Present and Future, and his famous Everybody's Lazy. You will also learn about the Cross Index Index, a diabolical new tool for locating any card in a memorized deck.

Simply Simon is not just a book of tricks. It is also a book of ideas, concepts and insights that will enrich your understanding and appreciation of card magic. Simon Aronson shares his thoughts on topics such as memorization, estimation, psychology, presentation and misdirection. He also provides tips and advice on how to practice, perform and create your own effects.

Simply Simon is a must-have for any serious card magician. It is a treasure trove of original and ingenious magic that will challenge and delight you. If you want to learn from one of the masters of card magic, you need to download Simply Simon Aronson PDF today.

But how can you get Simply Simon Aronson PDF download? Unfortunately, Simply Simon is out of print and hard to find. You may be lucky enough to find a copy on some online platforms or second-hand bookstores, but be prepared to pay a high price for it. Alternatively, you may try to contact Simon Aronson himself and ask him if he has any copies left for sale.

However, there is another way to get Simply Simon Aronson PDF download. You can join the Simon Aronson's Magic website, where you can access a wealth of information and resources on Simon Aronson's magic. You can read his articles, essays and reviews, watch his videos and lectures, learn his tricks and techniques, and even chat with him and other magicians on his forum. And best of all, you can download Simply Simon Aronson PDF for free!

That's right, Simon Aronson has generously made Simply Simon available as a free PDF download for his website members. All you have to do is register on his website, log in, and go to the Books section. There you will find Simply Simon Aronson PDF download link, along with other books by Simon Aronson that you can also download for free.

This is an amazing opportunity to get one of the best books on card magic ever written. Simply Simon Aronson PDF download will teach you how to perform miracles with cards that will astonish your audiences and fellow magicians. You will learn from a master who has devoted his life to the art and science of card magic. You will discover the secrets of Simply Simon.

But what makes Simply Simon Aronson PDF download so special? Why is it considered one of the best books on card magic ever written? The answer lies in Simon Aronson's unique approach to card magic, which combines clever methods, ingenious principles, and elegant presentations.

Simon Aronson is not just a magician, he is also a lawyer and a scholar. He has a keen analytical mind and a rigorous logical thinking. He has studied the history and theory of card magic, and has developed his own original concepts and techniques. He has also collaborated with some of the most respected names in card magic, such as Ed Marlo, Martin Gardner, John Bannon, and David Solomon.

Simon Aronson's approach to card magic is based on two main principles: memorization and estimation. He believes that by memorizing the order of a deck of cards, you can perform miracles that would otherwise be impossible. He also believes that by estimating the position of cards in a shuffled deck, you can create effects that seem like real mind reading.

Simply Simon Aronson PDF download will teach you how to master these two principles, and how to apply them to a variety of effects and plots. You will learn how to use the memorized deck as a tool for prediction, coincidence, transformation, and revelation. You will also learn how to use estimation as a tool for location, identification, and divination. b99f773239


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