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Yaroslav Subbotin
Yaroslav Subbotin

Night Trap - 25th Anniversary Edition Free Download [Patch]

so what does the 25th anniversary edition offer? best of all, the game runs in 1080p hd at 60fps on the ps4. this is also the first time that the game can be played in 4k resolution. remarkably for a decade-old game, the graphics are superb, aside from some minor clipping, and not as frustratingly blocky as other titles that suffered from the transition to new hardware. not to say that it is a beauty, but the environments are bigger and the characters appear larger on-screen. the game looks good. all of the icons, textures and other details have been cleaned up, as well.

Night Trap - 25th Anniversary Edition Free Download [Patch]

no poster is included (as that is specific to the pc edition, much to the dismay of some). instead, you get both a patch and cassette tape. the patch itself is meant to mimic the special control attack team logo with its familiar, humorous acronym scat. because of this, it might be weird to actually stick the patch on anything, lest people assume youre proudly declaring your fetishistic love. ah well, its still an amusing perk to hold onto. the cassette tape is just the latest in a swarm of collectible gaming merchandise in the form of tapes.

all in all, the night trap collectors edition is a solid, if slightly expensive, package for what is included within. like many limited run games releases, its now currently being sold for $30-$50 more on sites such as ebay.

the night trap 25th anniversary edition team includes industry veterans who have worked in the game development and publishing industry for over 20 years. the team includes the producer of the original night trap game, an original producer on the night trap series, current and past game writers, artists, programmers and sound engineers as well as an original composer.


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