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Sandi D. Johnson is an author, vision coach and motivational speaker. Her simple motto of  “set a goal, achieve that goal and move on to the next goal” has been the driving factor in her success. Her life’s goal is to merge her faith, gifts, passion, purpose, and education to help others “Live Life on Purpose,” which is the name of her social media broadcasts.


As she has successfully raised three children as a single parent overcoming many obstacles and refusing to be a static. Sandi uses these experiences to inspire others to be “too tough to quit” in life.  


In 2019, Sandi became a co-author in "Grace To Recover: How to Divorce Hurt, Addiction and OVERCOME Trials with the Power of a Loving God." This is a powerful book about the grace of God and how despite the situation you are able to recover and be healed.  Additionally, she plans to release "Living Life on Purpose" in May of 2019, which will motivate while giving reader real strategies to live a purposeful life, and “Single Parenting on Purpose: 10 Tips to Thriving.” This book encompasses 10 elements that individuals can implement to help them achieve goals, lower stress, and parent with purpose.


Sandi is the creator and local host of the Annual “I Have a Dream” Vision Board Experience which was renamed "Vision Launch" in 2019. This annual event is hosted in several cities concurrently. The women leave empowered with a visual life plan. The overwhelming response to this event leads to the formation of “Envision Boards by Sandi.” These customized vision board experiences will give participants a clear direction for life while laughing, networking and developing a victory plan. 


This year Sandi have launched several virtual vision coaching programs including "The Virtual Vision Board Experience" and  "The 28 day Dream Keeper Challenge" which has resulted in individuals achieving three goals in a 30 day period. 


Additionally, Sandi is the hostess for the  “My Story, My Journey” Women’s Retreat. This is a weekend where participants explore the purpose of their journey and how these experiences can help them move forward in their purpose.


Sandi's keynotes address include:                                            

 "You Can Not Stop Me from Talking.”

“Parenting on Purpose”

“Birthing Greatness”

“Self Care Your Way to Purpose”


She is available to deliver keynotes address, workshops and vision board experience.

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