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Collateral Beauty is the blessings and the left behind lessons that strengthen us for our purpose. This book is a compilation of stories of not just overcoming but learning during life’s most challenging situations. It takes you into their hearts, as they are transparent about losses in its many forms. The topic loss of identity, loss of life, and, loss of love are explored.


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August 4, 2019

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Grace To Recover:
How to Divorce Hurt, Addiction and OVERCOME Trials with the Power of a Loving God
Sandi is one of the 10 co-authors in this great book. Grab your signed copy today!!!

From the fire to the throne of grace: you will be amazed, inspired and uplifted by the power of God in the lives of eleven victorious women. Have you ever struggled with self-doubt? low self-esteem? depression? anxiety? been oppressed by domestic violence? Had addictions? Didn't want to face another day so you thought suicide was the best choice? Been through a divorce? Had to raise children on your own? Teen pregnancy with little or no support? Had some "church hurt"? Couldn't make sense of your life even though you confessed your sins to God? If you answered YES to ANY of these questions, this book is for YOU! You will discover just how a gracious, loving, caring God wants to heal your wounds and love you back to health and eternal life. Recovery is possible in Christ and He is ready with open arms to receive you. The same God that set these overcoming, victorious women free and helped them recover gracefully can do it for you too. Get your copy TODAY, share it with all you know, including the men in your life!

Single Parenting on Purpose


Single Parenting on Purpose  encompasses 10 elements that individuals can implement to help them achieve goals, lower stress and parent with purpose.

The author shares very personal experience in her own single parenting journey and how she overcame those challenges. This book give the reader assignments to implement changes in their won journey.

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