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Stand out from your highly competitive industry with a good website to effectively promote your brand worldwide. If you need inspiration, you can explore these fashion website designs that will unleash creativity in you.


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Get inspired by these fashion website designs that will help you carry your designs to the next level. Galia Lahav is a fashion company established in 1984 in Tel Aviv. This brand is primarily known for bridal and evening wear. It has an awe-inspiring website design with exceptional and modern web elements utilized. Specifically, the hero header welcomes visitors with a video compilation of the products they offer worn by models. Users can discover other bridal products and fashion items via call-to-action buttons. Other notable features include a sticky header, social media links, video integration, clean and neat layout, and more!

Accessories also constitute fashion. So, having Limnia in these fashion website designs is worth checking. It is a brand that builds a clever, customizable jewelry line that morphs with clients. The website design complements its products with an excellent asymmetrical layout, cool animation with GSAP, and visual hierarchy. It uses a video background on the hero header to attract more users.

Meanwhile, the about section has images and readable introductory content. While those elements are awesome, other sections also enhance the look and feel of the website. Overlapping images add creativity to the design as well as the parallax effect. The website also uses a sticky header where the menu is readily accessible to keep navigation at hand.

This collection of fashion website designs will find different ways to promote brands with different products. Nikos Koulis is a Greek designer with a sharp outlook and an authentic passion for jewels. The website design has a smooth slider highlighting featured products with small and big illustrations and the CTA. Specifically, it uses a sidebar menu that looks neat and clean with off-canvas, search, social media links, and logo. Meanwhile, the collection page looks neat, considering visual hierarchy and white space. It also applies the zoom-in effect that can help the customers check the details of the product.

Get inspired by these gorgeous, charming and modern fashion website designs. Gitman has been manufacturing the finest shirts and ties in the USA. It has an awe-inspiring design that can motivate fellow fashion enthusiasts to build a web presence. It has a simple design on the homepage but introduces the products. The header bears the menu, logo, search and shop with mega menu. The shirt products also appear attractive as they are arrayed using a grid layout. From there, products can be viewed quickly with a subtle hover effect. Furthermore, the shirts and accessories shop pages allow customers to scan and search for the desired product.

Sezane promises to offer women the finest quality pieces with a Parisian touch. Her fashion website is a stunning revelation of her passion as a fashion enthusiast. The homepage has a simple and fine-looking design with a magazine-like layout. Specifically, it uses a boxed layout that spreads the content nicely. While the header bears the essential elements like logo, menu, and search, the footer also has the necessary details, including social media links, newsletter subscription, and logo. This website also uses a mega menu to showcase submenus easily.

Keep scrolling these fashion website designs and never miss the awesome features you can utilize for your website. As its name implies, Loop Earplugs is a brand that promotes earplugs. Particularly, it reduces the noise at work, home, and in bed to help you create moments of peace for yourself and improve your well-being. It has a beautiful, modern, and resourceful website design perfect for inspiration. The hero header features a model wearing the accessory with a box that will help the customer select the color of the earplug via a slider and purchase it with ease. Likewise, the social media links are fixed on the sidebar to help customers connect with the brand on social media. The website also uses clean and readable typography plus quality images and sliders.

Infashuated was founded in 2008. Living in Boston two individuals wanted to bring light to small designers and their fashion lines. Fast forward and they now have an online shop of these brands and are growing continuously.

Magnetik is a fashion retailer located in Macedonia. They offer fashions for men and women and emphasize the art of styles as opposed to just dressing yourself daily. They want to make it fun, and operate their business based on this goal for their customers.

Lee is a blogger living in Los Angeles. You can find a variety of topics on her website from fashion purchases like sweaters, under garments and more. She also has a lot of food based topics and meal prepping she writes about.

We focus on website design, development, maintenance, support, and retainer services for WordPress CMS. We pride ourselves on best-in-industry expertise and reliability. We have supported over 2,200 amazing clients since our launch in 2011.

Fashion industry is highly visual, and the same applies to the fashion design websites. Users expect to see big and attractive high-quality images. Large scale pictures can promote a positive impression of your brand. Visuals should look good on both desktop and mobile devices of varying screen sizes.

The black and white scheme seems to be a natural choice for a fashion site as fashion designers and stylists tend to rave about this combination. So if you want your site to look stylish, simply opt for this scheme.

Exquisitely designed fonts and clear structure of images combined with simple but effective design elements such as buttons and categories. The Valentino website homepage has a lot of well-organised content, but no cluttering at all.

The UI-design stage will express your branding and make the experience of your fashion website complete. In this stage, together with the designer you can choose the color palette, type of iconography, images, logos and any other elements that define your brand. This part is very important, because it will directly affect your revenues. Just look, according to HubSpot, more than 90% of visitors leave pages because of poor design.

Testing is one of the most important parts of the development process, as it allows the developers to check the functionality of all the elements on your website. The validators check the code in order to see if it works properly and test the speed and mobile responsiveness. Once manual and automated testing are done, the website is ready for the launch

The amount you will really need to pay varies from project to project and will depend on functionality. It can start at $15 000 and extend more than $50 000. It all depends on the website style, size, and functionality.

There is no way to determine the exact price of fashion website development as every business is unique, but you can define it by thinking about your company and its goals. However, we can provide the approximate rates and duration for each stage of the development.

We also completed the full-cycle development for the Backstage project in the fashion industry. Even though the portal is for listing the events, not shopping, it has all the features of contemporary fashion websites.

Just like other sites, fashion websites aim to draw the attention of their visitors. In this article, we have covered the basics of creating a successful site; we have explained why they are important and how Agente can help you in creating the best fashion website.

Even the creme de la creme of the world web opt to refresh their websites to stay top players in their industries. We'll give you at least 7 reasons why you need to redesign an e-commerce website and cost to do it.

The best examples of fashion website design demonstrate that it's not only possible to create a visually appealing and functional fashion site, but it's preferred. By balancing site performance and aesthetics, you can create a site that will grab visitors' attention and make their experience seamless.

Another fashion website design we appreciate is Japan-based Marnon. The branding is visually compelling, and Marnon's site features gorgeous product photography, an eye-catching font, and even a homepage that feels vaguely reminiscent of a print magazine. This editorial-inspired website design is a nod to fashion magazines of the past. Plus, the film-style photography adds a dose of nostalgia too. We also appreciate how comprehensive the menu options are.

GANNI is also one of our favorite fashion website design examples for inspiration. The site emphasizes the navigation menu, and we love the tiny images adjacent to the text. Plus, the entire site feels authentic to the brand and balances visually gripping images