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Life is a Puzzle

Life is like a puzzle and at times those pieces seem to be scattered all over the place as if they are not connected in any way, shape or form. Then one day you realize how all the pieces fit together to form one beautiful well-designed life. This happened to me in 2018. All of my puzzle pieces begin to connect.

As a single parent, I had several hustles to keep us afloat. Some of these included administrator for a ministry, event coordinating, Amazon delivery person, Uber, Lyft and the list goes on and on. I was a lot of people's go-to person when they needed a resource to get a goal met. My phone would ring off the hook at times with questions or individuals needing direction on projects or even life issues. It was not until I attended a meeting where the speaker's message focused on your gift being your business that my life took a new direction. At this point, I begin to really examine my gifts and intentionally put forth steps to convert what I was already doing into a business. I decided to laser focus on one aspect that I loved, which was vision boards, and I made that the foundation of my business. I started, EnVision Boards by Sandi, where I used a multi-step process to produce vision boards that produce results. This was totally within my comfort zone and because I enjoy helping others achieve their goals. However, as I share with others, if it is within your comfort zone, then it is not big enough.

In May 2018, I attended a conference but while there I did not fully open up and this was due to fear and feeling insufficient. Have you ever felt overtaken by fear of what you are truly called to do or feel as if it is bigger than what you are capable of doing? So, I thought I had escaped one more time, not acknowledging the God-given purpose inside.

Well, after several flight delays my plans were disrupted. As a planner, I do not adjust well when the always-present plan in my head does not manifest itself. I soon realized that this delay was actually a kick-start. It allowed me not to step right back in my norm and reflect on me and my truth. Which is, not only do I facilitate vision board experiences while creating a motivating and fun environment but I am also a Vision Coach.

You may be asking what a vision coach is. Well, I got that answer too. I push individuals, who are standing on a cliff looking at their dreams and possible future, over that cliff. Pushing them to their divine purpose and out their comfort zone all while directing them to resources to help their journey.

Whew, did I really just say I AM A COACH.

Along life’s journey, I have been a helper to many and at time's hid behind helping. For years, I assisted in retreats, conferences and other events. This year I decided to stop hiding behind being a helper. This year I decided to step out and host “My Story, My Journey: Women in Action”, which is a two-day experience that challenges women to open their hearts to God, experience connection with other women, and learn about themselves. It is a call for women of all walks of life to connect more deeply with their own dreams and God-given purpose - within their church, relationships, and communities. The event’s goal is to help any and all find their place in God and help them live life purposefully.

My vision board business is in motion, two books published, several programs launched and an amazing retreat complete

with 2020 on the horizon. It just seems like all of life's puzzle pieces are coming together. Some are still missing and I am excited as I anticipate how God will fill those pieces.

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