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Yaroslav Subbotin

Stickman Superhero 1.6 Mod APK: The Best Simulation Game for Android

Description : Stickman Superhero - Superhero action third in places of the metropolis. Here, players take control of the mighty stickman who can fly at high speed and shoot lasers from his eyes. These superpowers, coupled with the ability to use simple firearms and many vehicles, allow the character to perform various tasks in order to eliminate criminal elements in the city. The program itself can also become a bad guy and wreak havoc on the streets. Features : * Amazing stick hero with super flight, super kick, spider wall climbing, and laser eyes at your disposal * A large, cartoon-style city with colorful houses, transportation, and dynamic weather changes is your avenger * A wide variety of enemies, from criminal stickmen and cops to the brutal boss, are waiting for you to fight * Shop with various powerful weapons, fashion clothes, and other cool items * Epic quests, insane races, shooting, achievements, bonuses, secrets, real adventure, and action!

Play as the stickman superheroes and fight against the dark forces in the universe and protect the Earth. This game is fully free to play with Contains Ads features on the normal version, where may you have to watch ads. Also, if you are an Avengers fan then you will be happy to know there has a character like ironman, caption America, spiderman, etc.

stickman superhero 1.6 mod apk


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