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Streaming Media Recorder For Mac

While there are many options for recording your live stream with a built-in screen capture tool, a screen recorder, or hardware, each category has its drawbacks. For starters, encoding hardware can be prohibitively expensive for beginners and can easily become obsolete with each advance in technology.

Streaming Media Recorder For Mac

Built-in screen capture and screen recorder tools, on the other hand, capture the video that's on the screen during the live stream. This means that the quality of the recording is contingent on the quality of the live stream (in other words, the internet connection).

Riverside is optimized for recording rather than live streaming, meaning that our platform is ideal if you care more about the post-recording quality than the live stream quality. After all, the live stream is a way to engage with a small part of your audience, but the post-recording distribution is what matters most.

As mentioned above there are different ways to do this. If you're recording a YouTube live stream using a screen recorder or online live streaming software, the process will more or less go as follows:

Make sure your stream is all set and ready to go live on YouTube. If you are using live streaming software, you may need to connect your Youtube account so your stream will be broadcast to your YouTube channel.

If you are screen recording, you can start streaming directly on YouTube. If you are using online live streaming software you might need to record on your online software which should push your video to YouTube.

While a screen recorder can do the trick, we recommend using dedicated streaming software if you're looking for high-resolution recordings. Streaming software often lets you easily broadcast one stream to many channels at once, which is definitely an added benefit.

If you love music streaming on the internet, you may want to record it for future playback whenever you want, even offline. With a competent and easy-to-use streaming audio recorder, you can record hundreds of songs on the internet and build up your collection of favorite digital music.

This is an excellent Windows screen recorder that meets nearly all your recording needs. Apart from that, it is also a lightweight and user-friendly audio recording software that can record desktop audio, microphone, or both. This software will capture anything streamed on your Windows PC, and the quality of the output audio is high-class.

This audio recorder allows choosing an audio output format, so you can select the suitable format that meets your demands. For instance, it can be an MP3 recorder as the MP3 format is universal and compatible with most communication software, so you can share it easily. And FLAC is appropriate for obtaining audio of high fidelity.

VLC Media Player is a versatile program, which allows you to play media files and convert file formats. Apart from that, it has another amazing feature - recording audio and screen. It's an open source screen recorder.

Step 1. Launch VLC and click Media > Open Network Stream... to open the online streaming audio that you are going to record. In the following dialog box, paste the streaming music URL.

Step 4. After that, in the Stream Output window, uncheck the check box of Active Transcoding and click Next. Once done, click on the Stream button to begin capturing streaming music.

EaseUS RecExperts for Mac is a lightweight Mac screen recorder. Its elegant interface makes it easy for everyone to use this wonderful audio recording software, even if you have never tried to capture anything on Mac.

For Mac users, this audio recording software allows choosing the audio sources freely. That means you can record the system sound and microphone audio separately or simultaneously. If you need to record streaming sound playing on Mac, you capture internal sound without an extension.

To capture streaming audio on Mac, you can use Apple's QuickTime Player, which is available on every MacBook. Yes, it's not merely a video player, it can record a video through the FaceTime camera, record the screen, and most notably, record external audio.

As a default application, QuickTime Player only meets your needs on a basic level. If you want more advanced functions, such as changing the target format of recordings, other streaming audio recorders are available.

Audacity is an easy-to-use, multi-track audio editor and recorder for Mac users. This streaming audio recorder can record live audio through a microphone or mixer or digitize recordings from other media. What's more, it offers some editing tools, so you can easily edit your recorded file by trimming, cutting, etc., after recording.

You might encounter a situation when you like to record audio or much on your iPhone or Android devices. To do the job, there are several streaming audio recorders out there for both iPhone and Android.

Well, iPhone users can take advantage of their in-built Voice Memo app to capture streaming audio on their devices. It's free and easy to use. The app even lets you edit the recording. And if you want advanced features, then you can get the recorder app from the App Store.

You can see that recording streaming audio or music is not troublesome when you get the right tools. Whether on Windows, Mac, Android or iPhone, you can record streaming audio with ease. Indeed, tools like EaseUS RecExperts have made a job much easier and quicker and, on top of all, offer much more than just recording streaming audio. Now, it's your chance to download this recording software without registration!

Movavi Screen Recorder is a powerful video ripper that will easily capture streaming videos on a Mac. Just download the program and follow the simple instructions below to learn how to record streaming videos on Mac.

Go to the streaming site and cue up the video you want to download. Launch the software, press the Screen recording button, and draw the orange capture frame over the video area on the screen.

If you need to capture a streaming video on a Mac, you do not need additional software. For video recordings and capturing images, you can use the inbuilt Screenshot tool with keyboard shortcuts. However, this option is only available on macOS Mojave or later versions. Though the idea of using keyboard shortcuts seems a little intimidating, it's quite simple.

If hotkeys are not your cup of soup or you do not have Mojave, you may wonder how to record a streaming video on a Mac for free. Well, it's still relatively easy, and you do not need to download any tools. QuickTime Player, which is a freeware that comes with your Mac, will do.

There are five methods you can use to capture streams on a Mac. With the first two, you do not need to install anything on your MacBook Pro. You can use the built-in recording function or QuickTime Player for streaming video capture. The other methods involve using a desktop recorder, an online recorder, or a browser extension.

Available to capture 2160p/1440p/1080p/720p videos in full screen, MacX Video Converter Pro is hand-picked as a top-tier Mac video recorder to record live streamings from YouTube, Netflix, Disney+, etc. at 30fps up to 4K 2160p in high quality. Also, gameplay recording is accepted. Afterwards, you can also utilize it to trim, crop, merge your recording files, add external subtitle to streaming capture file or change its video format/codec to 420+ video format.

QuickTime Player is definitely the direct way for Mac users to capture streaming video on Mac and record screen displays. In spite of some of its drawbacks, it lets you record the full screen or part of the screen at will. With it, you can record streaming video on Mac up to 2560x1440 at 30fps/60fps.

On top of the built-in QuickTime video player, the hot keys exist in macOS Mojave or later operating system and can be used to easily screen record live streaming video on MacBook Pro/Air, iMac or Mac Studio without any extra plug-in or add-on. Check how to capture a web stream on your Mac easy as pie:

Another way to capture live streaming videos on Mac can be achieved with the assistance of MacX Video Converter Pro which is a piece of handy video recording software to record any screen activities taking place on Mac computer. It can capture videos media from video-sharing websites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Yahoo, Metacafe and non-downloadable sides like Hulu, ABC and BBC without slowdowns while making the recorded video/audio quality in original high definition perfectly. Besides, it can crop the video to the aspect ratio you need. Below is how to capture streaming video on Mac using its built-in screen recorder.

In this area, you can feel free to customize the screen recording area by choosing "Keep Full Screen" or "Record Region". What's more, before you record streaming video on Mac, you are allowed to choose the quality of video to be recorded, adjust the video frame rate, add sound effect to your video, and more.

Click "Start Record" button, the program will start capturing streaming video with HQ audio on the screen within a few seconds. You are free to record video game, gameplay footage, streaming movies, and much more.

To capture live streams on Mac, you can also use the download way. MacX YouTube Downloader is highly recommended as it supports capturing online streaming videos to MacBook Pro/iMac/Air at thunder fast speed. It's 100% free and safe, and will help free download online videos from 1000+ sites in HD/4K quality, no matter you're running on Safari, FireFox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera or others.

VLC is a free media player but also a streaming video capture software. Seldom did user notice that it also features screen and streaming video recording knack. Some users are afraid of the operation sequence and parameter settings. Actually, VLC is not so complicated as you imagined. If you're not an expert to VLC media player, just keep its default settings and do as following steps to give it a whirl. 350c69d7ab


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