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Buy Cheap Maternity Clothes Online PATCHED

To save money on maternity clothes, buy multifunctional and versatile clothing with loose and flowy styles and soft or stretchy materials to last you throughout the pregnancy and possibly during the postpartum.

buy cheap maternity clothes online

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Where else can you pick up grass seed, milk, and a cute pregnancy blouse? Answer: Walmart. The one stop shop has great deals on cheap maternity clothes, from fashionable tops (like the one pictured above) to everyday sweats for lounging around the house all day.

The great thing about Target maternity clothing is that in addition to offering basics, from maternity bras to belly bands, the retailer often partners with established high-end brands to sell cheap maternity clothing. For instance, last year they had a great collab with maternity brand Hatch has a Target line full of cute, affordable options from whimsical dresses to lightweight summer shorts.

The membership-based online retailer Zulily posts sales on all kinds of items from kids clothes to maternity joggers to maxi dresses that are then shipped to you after the bulk order has been met, giving you the cost savings in return. You might have to wait a little longer for your item, but your pocketbook will thank you.

From flirty summer frocks to cozy sweater dresses and everything in between, find an impressive selection from this online maternity store. And you can forget being relegated to traditional empire waist maternity dresses. Instead, find modern detailing (like the sleeves on this pink number) and silhouettes. Whether you opt to show off your changing shape with a bodycon look or prefer a roomier-is-better approach, you can definitely find a dress to suit your pregnancy style. Selma Shirred Dress by Ripe, $165,

Before you even step foot in a maternity store, consider checking out the maternity section of your local thrift stores for things like graphic tees and maternity tops. Most maternity clothes are barely worn so they are normally in great condition.

You can start shopping for great deals on maternity clothes in your first trimester even though for the first few weeks of pregnancy, you can get away with tops in stretchy material and a belly band for your pants.

You can find maternity clothes at regular brick and mortar stores such as Target and Old Navy as well as places such as consignment shops. Online retailers such as Pink Blush also offer free shipping and maternity clothing in a variety of sizes.

This is such a great post! I'm so glad you put together this list of super cheap maternity clothes. It's really hard to find maternity clothing that fits comfortably and looks stylish without breaking the bank. I'm sure your readers will appreciate the effort you put into finding these amazing deals.

Women start to show at different times of their pregnancies, especially with second or third babies, so it all depends on your own experience. However, you may find that for the first three months, you can still wear most of your usual clothes, while you may opt for looser-fitting pieces to stay as comfortable as possible. Stores such as H&M also sell waistband extenders which you can add to regular and maternity pants.

One more bonus option! If you are really not wanting to commit to a maternity wardrobe consider renting. Yep, La Belle Bump and Rent the Runway (use our link and get $30 off your first order) rent maternity clothes for a flat monthly fee with unlimited exchanges, free shipping, and the ability to cancel your subscription at anytime. Then, if there is something you love you can just buy it from them. Alternately, you can buy their pre-loved items at a steep discount.

Finding maternity clothes that match your style (or any style for that matter!) can be hard, but finding stylish plus size maternity clothes can be even harder. Luckily a lot of brands have started to come out with inclusive sizing and options for all body types.

Shop. Borrow. Consign. Maternity Consignment is a fresh take on maternity consignment shopping in an online boutique environment. They offer gently used designer maternity styles you want, without breaking the bank. You can also become apart of their borrowing program for those that just want to get piece that will fit them for each trimester than send them back (Genius). Bonus, you can sell them your own maternity clothes as well!

It may seem a little counter-intuitive to plan what you will need before you know how big you are actually going to get, but a little planning definitely goes a long way. The first thing you need to consider is during which season you will be at your biggest. Remember that unless this is your second or third pregnancy, you probably won't start needing maternity clothes until you are about 17 to 20 weeks along. Does the last half of your pregnancy fall during the summer season? You will definitely want to invest in anything that will help you stay cool during what is sure to be a very hot summer for you.

The first place to look for cheap maternity clothes is your own closet. Look for any knit or jersey tops, which will have the extra stretch needed for your expanding belly. Remember, a shirt doesn't have to actually say maternity for it to work. Yoga pants work great for casual maternity wear, and they'll keep you comfortable post-pregnancy too. Jackets and blazers are also great to keep around; they will still look great on you even when they're not buttoned.

Products like the Belly Band (an elastic band that hooks to unbuttoned pants) allow you to convert your clothes into maternity wear. Investing in (or borrowing) these kinds of products can often help save money.

Chances are most women you know that have already seen their pregnancies come and go will be more than willing to unload some of their maternity clothes on you. "I had a tote passed between my sisters-in-law and friends." says Cyndi, a local mom from Raymore. "We just added whatever we needed and kept passing it around." So get on the phone, Facebook and e-mail to all the moms you know. You will probably have more maternity clothes than you know what to do with.

Beyond just Facebook and Craigslist, more and more sites specifically geared toward finding gently-used maternity clothes are cropping up on the Internet. You can also check forums at baby sites; many have a thread filled with moms passing around maternity clothes.

You also can buy maternity panels to sew into your existing jeans or slacks. This can be a great way to get great looking maternity pants, but the downfall is that once you turn those jeans into maternity clothes, there is no turning them back.

There are going to be some articles of clothing you will want to buy new or invest some money in (especially if you plan to have more children). Look for the basics like tanks and tees and items that can be dressed up with jewelry and heels but also look great in casual settings. Above all, have fun with your maternity clothes. How often do you get to toss out your old wardrobe for a little while and fill it with something completely different?

Kerry Chafin is a freelance writer and mom of three based in Independence. She is also the guide to's Mom Recommends and is still unloading her leftover maternity clothes to newly pregnant friends and family.

Great service! I spoke to a woman on the phone who took the time to find out exactly where I was at in my pregnancy and recommended exactly the right size for each item I was interested in. She was at the store and willing to handle each item to look at the exact fit. So necessary for maternity clothes and a refreshing human experience with online shopping! Also love the cut, styles and materials I chose!

I would be remiss if I did not take this opportunity to share my personal experiences with Stephanie at Seven Women. From the moment I placed my online order in Feb-19 to my subsequent visits in April, June and most recently in November my experience has been best in class. During my pregnancy I was able to maintain the business professional style which I have grown accustomed to. This was in large part due to Stephanie's chic fashion sense as well as her keen knowledge on all of their products. During our time together she shared practical tips for the first tim mum and provided honest comments on the choices I had made. What I love about this store is the variety of choices. I am proud to say that Seraphine, Tiffany Rose, Isabella Oliver and Pietro Brunelli all formed a part of my maternity wardrobe. I recently visited the store to pick up nursing blouses and sweaters and I could not be happier. For anyone with a bun in the oven I would not hesitate to recommend Seven Women for all their maternity and nursing needs. Stephanie is so much fun to work with - she is a true gem. Enjoy your shopping!

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