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Hayat E Syedna Yazeed Pdf 199

there is a question concerning the results of syedna muawiyah. he said that the angels of allah (swt) were assigned to the life of the holy prophet (swt) but syedna muawiyah was assigned to do the work of another prophet (according to him mohammad bin qasim. but with the permission of allah (swt), the holy prophet (swt) was given to syedna muawiyah. allah (swt) said in the quran "do not despair of solace from allah and his apostle" in surat al ghaafir anbiyaa. allah (swt) has granted the victory to the holy prophet (swt) over syedna muawiyah.

Hayat E Syedna Yazeed Pdf 199

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i hope my remarks are helpful to understand the character of yazeed (mohammad bin muawiyah). if anyone is interested in this subject, may i refer him to the book ek aakal tussun by maulana maudoodi. the book has been written in arabic and can be read by anyone. it is available in english and urdu language versions in the market.

emir mohammad ibn abu sufyan came to yazeed alayhi wassalam two times and said, i have been honoured by you in the past and it is my happiness to know that i am welcome. i would like to take up a responsibility.

he said, i love to watch birds because they sootheth my heart. the companions of the prophet laughed at me. abdullah bin abi umro bin hafs mukhzumee said, don't talk about takbeer [from surah al kahf] you are an enemy of allah's messenger and those who support you are in error. the messenger of allah said, "o prophet!" and "husain is beloved of god."

yazeed appointed his cousin uthman bin muhammad bin abu sufyan as governor of madina. he sent a delegation to visit yazeed who bore gifts so that they might take the oath of allegiance to him. upon their return they said we have returned having visited a man who has no religion, he drinks, plays instruments, keeps the company of singers and dogs [civil word for bestiality], we declare that we have broken our allegiance to him. abdullah bin abi umro bin hafs mukhzumee commented yazeed gave me gifts. but the reality is this man is an enemy of allah (swt) and a drunkard. i shall separate myself from him in the same way that i remove my turban [from my head].


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