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Free Sample Sites

The most important element while producing a song is the usage of the right sounds. Achieving a professional result on a technical aspect and a musical aspect is really important in order to grow as an artist. Gathering self-made samples and samples from other artists will help you build your own sample library, but where do you get them? Here are some of the best websites for free music samples in 2023.

free sample sites

Download Zip:

Looking for the best NASA audio samples? NASA Audio Collection contains real recordings from the Apollo missions, Space Shuttles, and the Space Station. Over 3500 crazy samples are stored here ready to drag and drop into your next production.

This online forum will offer free samples uploaded by other musicians. Expect sounds ranging from textures and drums to vocals and FX. A small description is included for every sound, as well as information about the recording itself.

Cymatics is a well-known online sample library within the dance music scene. Get access to thousands of high-quality free samples, and presets. Expect drum kits, MIDI files, vocals, textures, and FX. Make sure to complete the form to receive your license agreement in order to use any of the free packs.

SampleSound is offering artist sample packs, music production tutorials, mixing & mastering services, and free sample packs. Have a look at the Free Sample Pack section to download the best Tech House, Techno, Trap, and Vocal samples.

This Reddit community contains over 200,000 members who are uploading free sample packs each day. Expect self-made or sampled drums suitable for every genre. Not all the sample packs are royalty-free so you might want to check the details of each sample pack before downloading.

Sound Packs are offering free drum kits, preset libraries, synth loops, and melody MIDI packs. There are 22 pages filled with unique and high-quality sample packs ready to be used in your next production.

If you ever wanted the sounds of a genuine Roland Juno 106 without going out and buying one, Legowelt has 250 samples from his, including big basses, mysterious pads, chords, haunting strings, sequences, arpeggios, drums and more. All files come in a .zip folder and the sounds are all in 16bit WAV format. Regardless of genre or taste, you truly need to browse the site and play around with some of the instruments here.

Perhaps a surprising addition to this list is the database of free samples that the U.S Library of Congress has built. Citizen DJ is a resource that lets you browse audio recordings from over a hundred years ago, presented in a colourful interface with tools that allow for the instant browsing and auditioning of sounds. It comprises soundtracks from movies, public service announcements, spoken word pieces, classic recordings and more from the Free Music Archive.

This online community of musicians, film and video producers, DJs and multimedia designers is crammed with royalty-free music, loops, acapellas and vocals. Once you sign up, you gain access to the thousands of freebies they have on offer. In addition to their plethora of samples and packs, Looperman also features creative multi-media tutorials and members-only discussion forums with the opportunity to upload your own samples and get feedback on your tracks. Whilst there, be a good human being and drop a comment to let the creators know how much you appreciate the freebies.

When you register with Point Blank, you access an array of free sounds, plugins, online course samples, access to our social network Plugged In and much more! Simply register below and visit our Free Stuff page to get your hands on a range of exclusive music-making tools and tutorials provided by the team. Fill your boots!

This site allows you to sign up and get free sample boxes from all kinds of categories of goods, such as baby care items, cosmetics products, beauty samples, etc. Just go to the site and browse the opportunities.

My Free Product Samples is another website where you can go to get 100% free product samples. With MFPS, you can subscribe to their newsletter to get daily deals on all kinds of things, including beauty products, childcare products, and more.

Not all of the deals featured on the website are free, but most of them are. Some of the offers are also for sweepstakes and discount coupons rather than free samples, but it is easy to tell the difference between them.

This company lets users sign up for an email subscription letter that sends out alerts about free product samples. It also has a handy search feature that lets you look for specific offers and products.

So in this rundown, we do the legwork for you, sorting the wheat from the chaff as we aggregate the aggregators, curate the curators, and shine a spotlight on what are, for our money (or lack of it), the ten best dedicated free sample download websites out there right now.

SampleSwap is supported by donations, and many of the samples are uploaded by users. Because of this, the website cannot guarantee the rights status of every single one, although it does mention that most of the samples are royalty-free.

Music samples have been a driving force in music since the 1970s. With the popularization of digital processing and the accessibility of the sample via the internet, sample usage is just as popular, if not more so.

Finding the right sample is incredibly easy since you can preview multiple samples in a package, and then simply click on the download to receive a zip file with hundreds of relevant samples.

The samples are mainly musical in nature and include both single instrument hits and loops. For example, you can download drum loops and fills, full drum kits, melodic loops, single sample instruments, and more.

On the home page of Sample Focus, you can browse hundreds of samples to find one that will work for your production. These samples can also be broken down into categories, subtypes, and then filtered through based-on tempo, key, tags, and others.

The site is updated and modern, the interface is simplistic and easy to navigate, and the samples are fantastic. Furthermore, no account is required and the downloads are quick both in the sense they the network speed of the site is fast, and that it usually only takes 1 or 2 clicks to get your download.

Additionally, more unique samples like Spanish acoustic guitar loops, lo-fi jazz keys, and others are available. As hinted at before, these samples lean more toward hip-hop and pop production and will be most useful to producers making this type of music.

Plus the ease of finding free products these days thanks to the internet and the handy search bar, combined with the adorable trial sized samples that companies are often sending out make for a really fun experience.

When we last covered Daily Goodie Box in an article, what we were most impressed by was that all the samples were free. Most sample sites offer free stuff, but occasionally there will be some offers you get at a discount if you leave a review, or you pay shipping or a flat fee.

StansGigs have a few sections where you can apply to get different free samples. For example I have free Baby samples section, free skincare samples page, free pet samples, free beauty freebies and a general section.

Plus they also generally give you full size items to test (not just small one time sample use trails) because they want you to use the item over time and then give a review. You can check out our article on them here.

Once items that match your categories become available, they ship free sample boxes directly to your home. In a neat algorithmic way, the more you receive and review the free samples, the more customized your profile becomes. specializes in free sample categories such as books, cosmetics, food, and pet products. Your best benefit to this site is found by subscribing to their mailing list so that they can keep you in the loop about the newest free samples.

They do their own blog posts and reviews of all the new and latest updates to their offers, but they have freebies on things such as books, magazines, baby stuff, pet stuff, as well as contests, giveaways, and sweepstakes you can enter.

Rounding out our top 10 is Totally Free Stuff. We like this site because it has age and credibility. It has been around a while, and it boasts a forum on the website where people talk about the awesome freebies they got to sample, and which ones were a swing and a miss.

Getting back on the social media kick, Influenster utilizes themes and hashtags for their boxes of freebies. You may get a box of holiday themed freebies, or a bunch of items for a cell phone, or different pet toys and treats.

Another oldie but good (the reason this one drops so far down the list is the site is a bit old and outdated looking, but it still gets the job done). brings the list of free stuff to a new level of listings.

Many manufacturers offer free samples because they want you to try the product and if you love it, you will buy it. If you want to learn more about the process, I have written an entire guide on how to get more free samples.

Its a good practice to remember that when you are signing up to receive free samples, they should be free. That means not paying for shipping, not giving out your banking information and definitely not filling out 20,000 bronze offers. Free goodies should be Free.

We have compiled a pretty extensive list of where you can find freebies and free samples and test products all for just answering some surveys, giving some feedback, or sometimes paying shipping and handling costs.

Even if all you have is a platform where you share content for free, a website disclaimer helps you protect yourself from liability claims from people who get injured from using your content. A disclaimer can help protect your business.

Some affiliate programs, such as the Amazon Associates Program, require their affiliate partners to have an affiliate disclosure on their sites. So, having an affiliate disclaimer is both legally mandated and a best business practice. 041b061a72


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