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Isaiah Bell

Review Crank 2 Zmf

My own listening system for this review comprised a Roon front end into a Chord Qutest DAC and Topping A30 Pro amp. I also tried them with my DAP, a Sony NW-WM1A Walkman to see how well it could drive these relatively insensitive headphones. In all cases, I used the stock cabling with a custom-terminated balanced XLR plug, and no equalization was applied.

Review Crank 2 Zmf


Sure, there are headphones with even more prominent sub-bass in particular, but for sheer listenability without fatigue, the HD650 scores highly here. Given sufficient amplification (these headphones are not the easiest to drive) they provide gutsy, punchy bass that manages to entertain, but never dominate the music. For an illustration, just crank up the volume on Last Living Souls by Gorillaz.

edit: its usually the strong bass that gets me over time haha. pounding my eardrums if i crank it up for a long session of bassy music. Free tip of the day, change genres every now and again when listening, assualt your ears with different sounds lol.

8) Because I'm not investing $10k in production facilities or with a manufacturer to make them. I expect some compadre of companies in China or even maybe the EU or US to produce good, cheap, programmable clocks with cheap programmable chips on their boards. Its DOABLE but I've got other ambitions in life. And honestly, how many do you think a private individual can really sell? This is something that a plastic electronic junk factory should be able to crank out without costing them much to spin up and maybe netting a few thousand dollars every 2-3 years. There's just not much of a market for these clocks.

I am starting to consider a serious step up in audio quality. After listening to endless reviews by John Darko, Joshua Valour, MidfiGuy, Currawong etc., I have decided to go for the Abyss Diana V2. Previously I had favored the Meze Empyreans. But for my musical taste and audio preferences, the Diana V2 seems perfect. At $3000 they need a better amp and dac.

The reason I am tending towards the Ares II DAC is the reviewers noting the sound separation. The same reason applies to the Burson amp. all the reviews I have read/seen emphasize this characteristic in addition to solid audio reproduction overall. Several reviews of the Empyreans highlight the sound separation characteristic in addition to the comfort for long listening times (a big thing for me as I cannot crank up the volume during the week while neighbors are in work from home mode.)

The only ASR review I have read is the one mentioned earlier in this thread. I will definitely expand my options on the amps. If I can do that through great. I really want to listen to the Verite. 041b061a72


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