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Split Second ((BETTER)) Download PC Game

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Split Second Download PC Game

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The game performed very well on my dual GTX 260 and Core i7 3.2 GHz Windows 7 system at 1920 by 1080, but slowed to an unplayable mess at very high. Performance is also locked at 30 frames per second, though this never caused an issue with control response.

There are other tiny issues. Though there are a large number of courses, these are all plotted out in the same 4 or 5 environments. The multiplayer is a recipe for profanity laced good times with friends, but take note: you can only race with the cars you've unlocked in the singleplayer mode. The PC version of Split/Second features full split screen support for two players locally though, which works very well (but 4 players would have been nice, as unrealistic as it might have been). The PC version does include some minor issues with controllers that bear mentioning. Keep in mind a controller must be plugged in before starting the game up for it to be recognized, and more annoyingly, the in-game prompts for triggering powerplays and route changes don't adapt to reflect a wired 360 controller. This is a small issue, but it would have been nice to see an acknowledgement of a controller in a PC game in 2010.

Split Second Velocity has been developed by Black Rock Studio and is published under the banner of Disney Interactive Studios. This game was released on 18th May, 2010. You can also download The Simpsons Hit and Run.

As to keep with the illusion that you're taking part in a TV show, the game is split up into 12 different episodes each with their own theme. At the end of each episode, the game gives you a short promo of the next one while the "fake" credits roll. The game also has the BRTV (Black Rock TV) logo on the top right corner of the screen.

There are no licensed cars appearing in Split/Second, rather the team has designed their own fictional car brands that are unlockable over the entirety of the game's mode selections, rewarding the player with new vehicles however they play. The cars are either unlocked by progression (like getting to the next level) or credits that are awarded to you at the end of each race. You can also download an add-on for the game that will unlock all the cars. Each car has different stats and some cars are better for certain situations then others. For example, the pick-ups have slow acceleration but good speed and they are tough meaning that they are less likely to go crashing out of control after getting hit by a Power Play.

Split/Second has both online and offline split-screen multiplayer modes. Online pits you against 7 other racers in all the race modes that are found offline (except helicopter attack and revenge). Split/Second has a rank system. You start at an online form of 99 and your goal is to get all the way down to 1. To improve your form, you must place in the top half (4th or higher in an 8-player lobby, 3rd or higher in a 6-player lobby, etc.). The game lets you play in ranked matches a well as private. In the lobby, the game lets you know how powerful their car is and what rank they're currently on. Like in single player, you can use Power Plays on your online friends and foes and can also use the cars that you've unlocked in offline modes. The game also offers a two player split-screen mode that's the same as the online mode except with no leveling up.

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Split Second Game is an Arcade Racing Video Game developed by Black Rock Studio and Published by Disney Interactive Studio for approximately all the platforms and consoles. Split Second Velocity was officially released on Microsoft Windows and PlayStation on May 18, 2010. Split Second Game Download full Setup link Given below. The Player will participate in Virtual Reality TV Show in which they race for the money. The big Race for life with unique Gameplay. In Split Second Velocity The player acquires power play by performing a stunt and use that power play to kill the competitor. Split Second Free game download without Torrent or with Torrent.

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