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Handbook Of Horticulture Icar Pdf

Handbook of Horticulture ICAR PDF

The Handbook of Horticulture is a comprehensive guide for students, researchers, and practitioners of horticulture. It covers various aspects of horticultural crops, such as production technologies, breeding, plant protection, post-harvest management, organic farming, ornamental horticulture, medicinal and aromatic plants, mushroom culture, and agro-forestry. The handbook is based on the syllabus approved by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) for the undergraduate students of horticulture in the Indian Agricultural Universities.

The handbook is divided into two volumes: Volume 1 contains General Horticulture and Production Technologies (Fruit, Vegetable and Tuber crops) and Volume 2 has Production Technologies (Flower, Plantation, Spices crops and Medicinal and aromatic plants) Plant Protection and Post-harvest Management. The handbook has been revised and enlarged to include the latest information and developments in the field of horticulture. The handbook is written by experts from various ICAR institutes and universities in a simple and lucid language. The handbook also contains illustrations, tables, charts, diagrams, and photographs to enhance the understanding of the concepts and practices.

Download File:

The Handbook of Horticulture ICAR PDF is available online for free download from the ICAR Research Data Repository for Knowledge Management. The handbook can also be accessed from other websites that provide horticulture PDF books or full text ebooks. The handbook is a valuable resource for anyone who is interested in learning more about horticulture or pursuing a career in this field.


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