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Yaroslav Subbotin
Yaroslav Subbotin

Native Instruments Reflektor IR Library For Guitar Rig WiN MacOS REPACK

you can save, load and manage presets in three different ways. you can save your own, use one of the presets included in the library or load a preset from an external file. the last option is very convenient when you want to save the settings of a plugin, a rack or one of the modules of guitar rig. you can create a preset for one or more components, for instance the adsr envelope of the compressor, and save it. just find the right component in the rack and click the save as.. button. when you have created enough presets to need to manage them, you can manage them in the preset manager, where you can switch between presets and add new ones.

Native Instruments Reflektor IR Library For Guitar Rig WiN MacOS


this is all very simple and intuitive to use, but it turns out that there's a lot more to this process than at first meets the eye. by default, guitar and bass irs have been reversed for reflektor. if you want to undo this and revert to the normal ir position, you need to use the button marked reversal, which is only located in the ir browser. there's also a knob labelled ir reverse, which is a nice touch if you want to select a different part of the ir to reverse (you can choose a different position to start reverting from, but i found that the default 0 percent setting worked most of the time).

reflektor represents the pinnacle of digital signal processing a definitive convolution reverb based on the groundbreaking zero latency convolution technology developed by native instruments. this high-performance effect provides reverb ranging from super-realistic physical rooms to fully virtual acoustics, offering in-depth modeling parameters for creating unique spaces. it can perfectly emulate the sound of high-end, expensive digital reverb read more


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