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Support infill/interface line directions. Improve reliability with more precise control over certain aspects of your print. Choose the angle that support-infill and interfaces print at, thanks to a contribution from vgribinchuck. Input a set of angles you want lines generated at, and these will be placed sequentially throughout your 3D print.

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Once installed, it will be made available exactly the same way as other applications (menus, desktop overview, or any specific application launch process used by your desktop). If this is not the case, we suggest to report a bug to your desktop or distribution asking for proper support of flatpak. In the meantime, you can still run it by command line (not as the recommended method, only a workaround):

Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) is a software package on modern Windows installs that allow you to run Linux alongside your Windows system in an optimized container. The Kali WSL package allows easy access to the Kali toolset. This comes with the same drawbacks of a standard VM, but allows for less overhead and tighter integration with your Windows systems.

If your child is 13 or older and uses an Android phone, the premium version of Qustodio is your best bet. We tested the lowest-tier annual subscription, which covers up to five devices, both Android and iOS (the middle tier covers 10, the highest tier covers 15). Qustodio frequently offers discounts on its website.

The Unreal Engine End User License Agreement is the legal document that governs your use of the Unreal Engine and describes your rights and obligations with respect to the projects you create using the engine.This license is free to use for learning, and for developing internal projects; it also enables you to distribute many commercial projects without paying any fees to Epic Games, including custom projects delivered to clients, linear content (such as films and television shows) and any product that earns no revenue or whose revenue falls below the royalty threshold. A 5% royalty is due only if you are distributing an off-the-shelf product that incorporates Unreal Engine code (such as a game) and the lifetime gross revenue from that product exceeds $1 million USD; in this case, the first $1 million remains royalty-exempt. You can find out more about royalties in the Releasing products section of this FAQ.Download the EULA as a PDF here.

While his ninja-outfit template from the first generation of games has remained relatively unchanged over time, the improved graphics of the post-Mortal Kombat 4 three-dimensional releases have allowed more details to better differentiate the male ninja characters, and Scorpion's costumes were duly enhanced with objects such as two katana swords strapped to his back and his spear attached to a rope tied to his belt in Deadly Alliance,[7] and a set of ornate shoulder epaulets in Deception, in which his alternate costume was a throwback to the two-dimensional MK titles. Scorpion's MK2011 costume was inspired by his namesake, such as the character's abdomen-shaped shoulder pads, the two stinger-handled swords crisscrossed on his back, and the exoskeletal pattern on his hard-shell face mask.[8] Scorpion was included with Sub-Zero, Reptile and Ermac in a bundle of classic costumes from the first Mortal Kombat that was released as downloadable content for the 2011 reboot.[9] For Injustice: Gods Among Us, he received a new costume designed by comic artist Jim Lee.[10] In the original Mortal Kombat's fighter-selection screen, Scorpion had regular human eyes, as his identity as a resurrected specter was meant to be a mystery, but he was given solid yellow or white eyes for every release thereafter starting with MKII,[10] while actors portraying Scorpion in live-action media such as the feature films and the Mortal Kombat: Legacy web series were outfitted with opaque contact lenses in order to achieve this effect.

Scorpion's signature special move throughout the series has him hurling a harpoon-like spear (described as a kunai) attached to a length of rope at his opponents. The spear impales his opponents through the chest before Scorpion then pulls them in to close range for a free hit. This move was inspired by the ancient Asian weapons known as a rope dart.[13] His other incumbent special move throughout the series, save for Deadly Alliance, has been his Teleport Punch, where he flies offscreen during battle and then reappears to strike his opponent from behind. Scorpion additionally gained a new leg-takedown maneuver in MKII that was not well-received (Sega Saturn Magazine called it a "ridiculous" move that "no one ever used").[16] He was considered a lower-tier character by GamePro in their 1993 MKII character rankings, rating him eighth out of the game's twelve playables and describing both him and Sub-Zero as "formerly a top-tier character [who] doesn't have much of a chance in MKII since all of the male ninjas have some poor matchups," with Scorpion faring the worst against Jax and Mileena.[17] Ed Lomas of Sega Saturn Magazine described the character as having "simple yet effective" special moves in UMK3 that "make him good for beginners, [which] doesn't stop him from being a useful character," while his "trusty" spear was "perfect for setting up combos."[16] GameSpy, in their Deception walkthrough, described the character as "a well-rounded character that has strengths in combos as well as in special and normal moves."[18] They additionally described the spear as "useful as ever" in Armageddon, adding, "Between [that and his] other special moves ... Scorpion pretty much has everything covered."[19] Prima Games' MK2011 strategy guide considered Scorpion to be well-balanced with no distinct weaknesses or advantages, while winning more than half of his fights against the game's other characters.[20] He is also a playable character for both the versus and story modes in Shaolin Monks, where his move sets in this game are largely identical to Liu Kang's with some original techniques.[21]

In Mortal Kombat (1992), Scorpion is an undead specter, a warrior who was killed by Sub-Zero, survived by a wife and child, and allowed to return to the physical realms in order to have his revenge. The same ending implies that the curse of Scorpion's supernatural existence means he can have revenge but cannot reunite with his still-living family.[24] By Mortal Kombat II (1993), another Lin Kuei warrior called Sub-Zero joins this tournament. When Scorpion sees him spare the life of an opponent, he realizes this is not the same Sub-Zero who killed him, but his younger brother. Scorpion decides to be the younger Sub-Zero's guardian in atonement for killing his older brother.[25] In Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, Shao Kahn enlists Scorpion's aid. Scorpion's allegiance to the emperor dissolves when he discovers this puts him against Sub-Zero, who has allied with Earth's defenders.[1]

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Scorpion appears in the 2008 crossover title Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, participating in a war between the two titular franchises. In his ending, the essence of Dark Kahn finds a host in Scorpion's body, making him the most powerful being in the universe.[30]

In the 1998 television series Mortal Kombat: Conquest, Scorpion (Chris Casamassa) commands his lover, Peron, to murder Sub-Zero's sister, and Sub-Zero kills Peron in retaliation, which culminates in a duel which ends in a stalemate due to the arrival of the show's main characters Kung Lao, Siro, and Taja.

Scorpion's catchphrase "Get over here!" was listed in PLAY's joke list of ten best chat-up lines.[88] According to PlayStation Universe in 2011, Scorpion "has spawned one of the most iconic catchphrases in gaming history" and "remains a firm fan favorite nineteen years since his debut."[1]

Founded in 1905 by Sime Silverman, Variety is the best known and most important trade paper in the history of American entertainment. Variety began as a New York weekly publication covering vaudeville, however, its scope expanded over time to include legitimate theatre, burlesque, motion pictures, radio, and television (transitions that the MHDL will eventually document within this record). In 1933, Daily Variety was launched in Los Angeles to offer in-depth coverage of the motion picture industry and serve as a competitor to The Hollywood Reporter, which was founded 'on the Coast' in 1930. In March 2013, Variety's owner ended the print edition of Daily Variety, though as of this writing, the weekly publication and a website offering non-stop news updates still exist. Variety may ultimately be best remembered for its integration of show business slang into entertainment trade coverage. Boffo. Hokum. Quickies. Svelte. Climaxer. Tenpercenter. Coastlander. Skein. We're still feeling zowied. -- Eric Hoyt, 2013

You may return a defective, faulty, damaged, or incorrect item for a full refund of the price you paid, including original delivery costs, Import Fees Deposit and a credit of S$30 to cover reasonable substantiated delivery costs associated with returning the item(s) to us. If your reasonable return shipping costs exceed S$30, Contact us before shipping the item and provide evidence to us to substantiate the reasonable costs incurred, for which you will be reimbursed.


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