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Little Mix - Black Magic (Official Video)

After showing the campus, the video introduces Little Mixed, who are dressed as nerds. On their way out of school, they believe an attractive male student to be waving at them, only to be shoved away by a popular female student. At the local library, a spellbook falls on Jade's head. That night, the girls use the book to gain magical powers, and they undergo magical makeovers to become Little Mix. The girls then enact a number of pranks on their classmates: they make the girl from the previous day constantly flatulate, cause girls to fall in love with a geeky boy, and transform a classroom into a dance party.[62]

Little Mix - Black Magic (Official Video)

The video received positive reviews by both fans and critics. Critics noted references to witch-themed films and television shows such as The Craft, Charmed and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch,[63] as well as the music video for "Too Much" by the Spice Girls.[64][65] Both Rigby from Digital Spy and Forrester from the Daily Mirror described the video as "spellbinding".[66][67] Additionally, Forrester from Mirror said that the group "turned to Katy Perry for inspiration and the results are hilarious" and also compared the scene of the girls walking down the hall with the 1999 film She's All That.[67] Lucy Wood of Cosmopolitan said that the video is "a brilliant combo of Clueless, Sabrina The Teenage Witch and The Craft all in one go".[62] Capital FM wrote, "Take a dash of Sabrina The Teenage Witch, add a pinch of Mean Girls and throw in a little Charmed, and you've got yourself an INCREDIBLE video!"[68]

The acclaim for the music video was not universal. Mace Entertainment criticised the message of the video, saying that "the general message that we get from the video is that if you want people to like you, shorten the length of your clothes, plump up your hair, wear more makeup, and embarrass other people".[69] The group then addressed the negative response on the video, saying "People are saying how it's a bad message, but really, it's a great message because what we're trying to say is with a little bit of confidence, that's all you need, and that's all we ever try to say in the video".[70] The video peaked at number 3 on the Billboard Twitter Top Tracks on 27 June 2015.[71]

Wanna be hurled back to the '90s? Who doesn't, right? Well, Little Mix's "Black Magic" video will toss you back a few decades, thanks to all the '90s styles, from chokers to knee-high, Cher Horowitz socks. It's also totally inspired by two teen films of the era; that'd be the white magic comedy Teen Witch, which came out in 1989 (but that's as good as 1990), and the darker and gothier thriller The Craft. 041b061a72


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