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A Complete Guide to Libro Workbook Open Mind Level 1: Tips, Strategies, and Answers

As you can see, Open Mind is a great introduction to the Open Mind Level. It is full of tools designed to help you look at your work in a fresh, productive way. When you look at your work in this manner youll notice that you are not only making things better, but you are challenging yourself and creating depth in your thinking. Take a few minutes to reflect on this approach and get to know how Open Mind will affect your creative efforts!

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The Open Mind Level is not intended to make anyone elses life any easier or more difficult, its just a game that you play. The point of it is to help get you thinking about yourself in new ways. If you find that this game requires a lot of your time, so be it. That just means its working.

Your tutor will explain how to work through this problem and offer you guidance, but the final responsibility for passing your open book exam is yours. Therefore, practice, practice, practice. The last thing you want is to spend your time studying instead of on the exam. Make time to study, but dont spend hours or days studying. It is not efficient or advisable to cram as you go along. What happens is that in your first exam, you will be overly prepared and will know the material so well that you will have trouble maintaining concentration. On your next try, youll be so worried about failing that youll avoid doing the necessary practice. You need to prepare for your exam over a long period of time, so dont attempt it in one go. You can supplement your study time with the online workbooks, study notes, and practice tests on Khan.

Sample Answer: During my student teaching, I was assigned to a classroom that was made up of children of this age, and found them quite fascinating. I think this is the perfect age. Students of this age have an open mind and are more open to learning than older children. During my student teaching, I enjoyed planning and carrying out several lessons under the supervision of the lead teacher.


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