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Archipp Likhachev
Archipp Likhachev

Where Can I Buy Stranahan's Colorado Whiskey

What you do get is a massive arrival of toasty malt. Stranahan's does this perhaps better than any other whiskey I have on my shelf. There's a warm and nutty arrival that begins to get progressively bigger in the mouth until it sits somewhere between bread pudding and roasted chestnuts. Swallow (when you're ready) and Stranahan's finishes out with a little cinnamon and enough dessert cream to be supremely enjoyable. Oak grips hard the whole way through.

where can i buy stranahan's colorado whiskey

Late to the game here, but I will say I enjoyed this whisky (whiskey) on this night as much as any other time. Of course our city was on fire, ash falling everywhere and we needed some comfort. As Nick said, it did warm the soul. But this is a slutty drink Not for everyday. But something to have in the cabinet. 041b061a72


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